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Wac Arts invites artists, companies and dramaturgs to tender for three new opportunities to develop a creative, inclusive programme with and for our young people

Junior Wac Arts

Our vision is to create a short, dance theatre-led outdoor performance (Spring 2022) involving a co-creation and collaborative process with two lead artist(s)/companies, Wac Arts tutors and young people.

Across the year, the commissioned artists will work with the Wac Arts Dance Company and our inclusive programmes, to co-create and choreograph a performance piece.

Our Wac Arts’ learning and participatory programme (JuniorSeniorWac NitesInclusion Programmes ) will connect thematically to the commissions. Within this, Wac Arts’ artists and tutors will partner with commissioned artists to design thematic schemes of work and activities with and for our young people (forming part of the delivery of the final piece).

The performance will include content co-created with our tutors and young people embracing dance, drama and music. We will engage a dramaturg to facilitate this co-creation process.