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Wac Arts work with 14–30-year-olds through partnerships with like-minded organisations to further develop young people’s imagination and enrich their performing and making skills to a high standard. We want to empower and equip individuals to apply their creative expression to their professional and personal next steps. 

Wac Arts strive to be an inclusive environment for all young people to thrive safely and courageously. Our goal is to ensure continuous, meaningful and impactful practices are embedded with the partnerships we harness and projects we deliver.  

We encourage young people to believe that the arts are a place for them, celebrating their own and each other’s differences and individuality. 

Working in partnership with Wac Arts:  

  • Experience – Develop your Performance, Movement, Theatre-making and Creative Media skills through workshops and projects.
  • Explore – Arts Opportunity Mailing List, Ticket Offers and Creative Network. 
  • Empower – Develop individuality, creative expression and artistry. 

We work with community and youth organisations which have a high proportion of participants who are aged 14-30 and meet at least one of the following criteria: 

  • Low household income (<£43k) 
  • Identify as D/deaf or disabled 
  • Identify as neurodivergent. 
  • Black or from the Global Majority 
  • Care leavers 
  • Young carers 

Interested in a Community Partnership with Wac Arts? 

If you work with a large proportion of participants who meet at least one of the above criteria, Get in Touch on to arrange a conversation with our Communities team! 

Previous projects


In April 2023, we visited Unfold, a charity committed to supporting young people through an extensive mentoring programme. Wac Arts delivered a workshop to empower participants to investigate their personal and group identity through body and voice in performance.   

Young Octagon, Bolton   

Wac Arts takes Bolton! In October 2023, the fabulous Young Company at the Octagon Theatre Bolton participated in an Ensemble & Movement workshop to prepare the actors for their NT Connections production. Young people used their listening, collaboration and improvisation skills to deep dive into the meaning of Ensemble, getting out of their heads and into their bodies!