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Thank you, Darius!

I am immensely proud of what we have achieved together and because of our collective hard work, the organisation is now well positioned for the next phase of its growth and transformation.
-Darius Khwaja

It is with mixed emotions that I write to announce that, after over three years of leading Wac Arts, Darius Khwaja tendered his resignation at the end of 2022 and left the organisation on 9th March.

The board was saddened to see Darius leave, but we are grateful for the vital role he played in stabilising the charity, putting its finances on a sustainable footing and setting a new ambitious vision for its future. 

He built a new talented team and led the transformation of the organisation’s culture. I know he values the staff more than anything and recognises the contribution everyone has made in helping Wac Arts overcome some major challenges not least a global pandemic.  

Darius was approached for a new role in November 2022, and having been offered it in December, felt it was the right new opportunity for him. 

A smooth handover was completed in which Chief Operating Officer, Glenn Middleditch agreed to become interim Chief Executive for 6-months while the Board and I work on recruiting a new Chief Executive.  

We will miss Darius, but he has left Wac Arts in a very strong position. My sincere thanks to Darius for his professionalism, leadership and dedication to the arts for young people.  

Justina Cruickshank

Chair, Wac Arts