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Interview with Luke

We’re back with another interview from our fantastic Youth Voice group! The group have been working hard over the past few months, contributing to events at Wac Arts and having a voice in the decision making at the organisation. Last week we heard from Evie, and this week we’re hearing from Luke.

How did you become involved in Wac Arts or the building?

I’ve been here since 2009 and I don’t remember how I ended up coming here, I just remember my mum saying one day you’re gunna go to this place called Wac and I was like oh sure. I was too young to really care and I here I am today. Now that is 10 years ago. I can see you guys have pictures of me on the walls from when I was much younger.

Please share with me a favourite memory or story from your time at Wac Arts.

The 2018 Weekender Festival just because of how involved I was, WAC put trust in me to do my part in helping out with the festival. I obviously got to do my own talk as well which was pretty cool. I wasn’t constantly being monitored there was trust put in me, the writing of my talk, so yeah you guys put trust in me which I appreciate.

What is the most interesting heritage story you have found out about?

All the weddings. I don’t wanna say one in case I’m wrong and they just didn’t get married here, but there was a lot of weddings. Also the bunkers.

Why does Wac Arts matter to you, young people who attend and to today’s society?

Well I’m gunna say the whole cliché thing of we’re keeping young people off of the streets and them doing better things for each other and other people which obviously people say it cause its true, it is a good thing but then also were not just keeping young people from getting involved in all there is to get involved in, were also teaching, being taught and the variety of things you can be taught and the variety of people that you’ll meet, and it doesn’t matter what shape or size you come in. A nice quote is the wrapping doesn’t matter; you don’t concentrate on the wrapping you concentrate what’s on the inside. So, a person’s wrapping or their skin doesn’t matter when you concentrate what’s on the inside, and that is what’s done here.

What is your aspiration?

I’m gunna be a rapper haha honestly I’m a musician. When I first started coming here it was because we were doing drama at my primary school which I do appreciate and so yeah I wanted to be an actor and then I wanted to be a singer and then my voice dropped and the singing voice kind of you know disappeared, and then I started writing music, and because I do music tech I get to make instrumentals for my own lyrics so I wanna be kinda like not the same but like my own version of Dr Dre in the way I’m gunna be a producer and a rapper.

Please leave a birthday message for Wac Arts…

Happy birthday WAC! I appreciate everything that WAC has done for me, the people at WAC and obviously all the things WAC have done for people before me in the last 40 years, also all the great performing artists that WAC has created and will create. Yeah, thanks, happy birthday and you know keep going for another 40 years or how ever long you wanna go on for.

Thanks Luke from all of us at Wac Arts for your enthusiasm and support, helping us celebrate this amazing organisation and building!

We will be checking in with another Youth Voice participant in a couple of weeks…