Speak to someone in our team

If you would like to know more about any of our programmes and would like to speak to someone or get help applying then please contact a member of our team below.

Head of Youth Inclusion
Jo Yeoman
Tel: 020 7692 5862
Email: Jo.Yeoman@WacArts.co.uk

Disability Officer
Maggie Mendy
Tel: 020 7692 5812
Email: Maggie.Mendy@WacArts.co.uk

Disabilities and Inclusion Administrator and
Advocacy Coordinator
Leonie Elliot-Graves
Tel: 020 7692 5871
Email: Leonie.Elliot-Graves@WacArts.co.uk

Wac Arts Reach Coordinator
Thomas Edwards
Tel: 020 7692 5878
Email: Thomas.Edwards@WacArts.co.uk

Inclusive Tech Coordinator
Chas Mollet
Tel: 020 7692 5879
Email: Chas.Mollet@WacArts.co.uk

Buddying Coordinator
James Williams
Tel: 020 7692 5814
Email: James.Williams@WacArts.co.uk

Wac Arts
020 7692 5800