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Donating money is not the only way to become a backer! You can donate your time and become a Bronze Wac Arts backer. The help of volunteers is essential to the growth and development of Wac Arts and an essential way to enhance the community around us. We welcome and value every volunteer, from all walks of life.

Wac Arts helps to find which programme would interest you and supports volunteers through the process. Take a look below at what two volunteers have to say about volunteering with Wac Arts.

Intern“I was first introduced to Wac Arts through a placement term, during my Drama, Applied Theatre and Education degree at the Royal Central School of Speech and Drama. The idea is to experience full-time professional work in an applied theatre or educational setting. I could not have asked for a better place to work.

From first walking into the building there is an immediate sense that it’s a place that cares, a place that nurtures and a place where people can actually grow. It’s a place where everybody is in it together. If something needs to be done then everybody is able to make it happen in some way. There is an intimacy about it that I struggle to find in other institutions. The staff and students all know each other, no matter what projects they are on, and can help each other when needed.

I’m proud to say I’m a part of Wac Arts. Not because of the alumni, not because it’s in London, but because of the huge impact it has on peoples lives. It sums up neatly the whole reason I joined this industry, to work with people and empower them to make a difference. Wac Arts does this daily.”

Jordan – Graduate Royal Central School of Speech and Drama and Wac Arts volunteer

“During my time here, I have found Wac Arts to be a very positive environment. It has become clear to me that the number one goal of the staff is to make sure that the students get everything they can out of their experience at Wac Arts. I know that there is sometimes a stigma against the term ‘alternative education,’ but I have found Wac Arts to be one of the most creative and stimulating institutions I have ever worked at. Regarding the students I have encountered, whether they are younger or older, with a disability or without, I have been inspired by their talent, motivation, and enthusiasm. Every time I come into the office, I learn something new about the organisation, so I am excited to see what else is in store during my time here.”

Beth – EUSA Student and Wac Arts volunteer

Through volunteering, you can use your unique expertise to actually change people’s lives in a meaningful way for all. There are quite a few ways to get involved with the charity. You can get involved with support for the building, for young people, or for the entire organisation. Each category has many benefits and can help you improve your life. Below are descriptions of the different volunteer jobs that are waiting for you to get involved with!

Support for the building

  • Gardeners both novice and expert: We have beautiful gardens at the front, the side and the back of the building, only recently completed. If you love to dig, prune and plant or would like to try, we would welcome regular support in maintaining our gardens.
  • Event management: We offer our theatre free to young people and community groups mostly on Tuesday evenings. We’d like to develop a team of occasional volunteers who can support box office, steward and other front of house duties to continue this service.
  • Repairs and Maintenance: We always have a list of small repairs, repainting, and maintenance jobs to do. If you have these skills and you own home is immaculate, our Building Manager is keen to meet you.

Support for young people


  • Mentors: many of our people are more successful on our programmes if we can support them with their own mentor who meets with them once a month and takes a particular interest in their progress. We will offer training. You will need to be able to make a regular commitment as consistency is essential
  • Literacy support: Students often excel in the arts and media work they do with us but struggle to complete their portfolio because they struggle with literacy. A little hope goes a long way, builds their confidence and rebuilds their belief they can overcome these difficulties. You will need to be able to make a regular commitment as consistency is essential
  • Support for young people with learning difficulties to access arts workshops
  • Master classes: If you have had a career in the creative industries a session of where you started and how you built your career would be inspirational for our students who hope to do the same.

Help to improve the whole organisation

  • Advertising and marketing: we could really use some help in sharing our achievements with the world. We would welcome support from anyone with skills in this area.
  • Administration – particularly database management
  • Archiving: we have an attic full of archive material about the Town Hall and Wac Arts and would love to develop a website to share this.
  • IT systems and management
  • Web management: we recognise that a website that never changes stops getting repeat visits and loses its impact, but we struggle to keep up and add news. If this is your specialist area we would welcome some advice and support.

We also provide for our volunteers:

  • Pay for your CRB check. Everyone working in our building is checked to ensure the safety of the children and young people in our care
  • Provide a friendly, flexible and supported volunteer opportunity in your area of interest which meets your time commitment
  • Two complimentary tickets for any performances run by us

IMG_6790“I have been volunteering at Wac Arts for the past three years and it is such a privilege to be part of this extraordinary, creative and visionary initiative. My role is supporting the ARCO project which manages young people who are on the cusp of being excluded from school. ARCO offers an alternative educational provision through the medium of the performing arts and it is amazing to watch how the team manages to transform the students from being challenging or from suffering low self esteem to becoming rounded individuals who aspire to the fulfilled life they deserve.

My day with these students is always varied. It can cover: breakfast, support in various arts based classes or simply helping with putting the final touches to a folder/presentation of what they need to display their achievements. It can be a sympathetic ear or taking them to a college or work interview. It can be help with applications and CV writing, I suppose the word I’m looking for is flexibility! Really what can be better than being part of the life of a young person today. I really believe they teach me more than I could ever teach them.”

Catherine Cordon – Volunteer at Wac Arts for three years

How you can volunteer and make a difference today…

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