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Quality Code

Expectations for standards & quality

  • The Learning and Participation program is well-designed, provides a high-quality artistic experience for all ages in a wide range of artistic subject areas. From initial interaction through to participation in the programme students are provided with the support that they need to develop their technical, artistic and interpersonal skills.

Administration and process

  • The administration of the Learning and Participation programme is fair, transparent, inclusive and accessible. Queries are dealt with promptly and communication is clear.
  • Wac Arts will provide fair and transparent procedures for handling admission, complaints and appeals which are accessible to all.
  • Wac Arts actively engages students, parents and external stakeholders to feed back regarding the quality of their experience and suggestions for the future program.


  • Wac Arts ensures that there are sufficient and appropriate facilities, learning resources and support services to deliver a high-quality experience.
  • Wac Arts will publish the Aims of Participation and indicate the band for each class on the programme.
  • Wac Arts will ensures a range of classes, sessions, courses and masterclasses across the academic year to progress individuals learning and attainment at their own rate.
  • Wac Arts provides opportunities for public performance or sharing of class work to allow parents, guardians, external stakeholders and core staff to provide feedback on the programme.
  • Wac Arts ensures external stakeholders and subject experts are invited to review the programme to advise on its suitability.
  • Wac Arts operates an open door policy, whereby core staff members view and review the teaching and learning on an ongoing basis.

Programme Staffing

  • Wac Arts ensures that The Learning and Participation offer is delivered by appropriately qualified and skilled staff.
  • When Wac Arts works in partnership with other organisations, guest artists or cover tutors we have in place effective recruitment arrangements to ensure that the standard of teaching and learning are comparable to that of the core team.
  • Wac Arts internally assesses the standard of its tutors on an ongoing basis, and formally at least three times per year.
  • Wac Arts uses the outcomes of observation, internal assessment and feedback from core and sessional staff to drive improvement of the L&P offer.