Our current term dates

Diploma in Professional Musical Theatre

Autumn Term: 19th September – 9th December 2016
(half term 24th October to 28th October 2016)

Spring Term: 9th January – 24th March 2017
(half term 13th February to 17th February 2017)

Summer Term: 24th April – 30th June 2017
(half term 29th May to 2nd June 2017)

Extra Bookings:
Autumn Term 2016 Sharings – 9th December evening (1st & 2nd Yr Sharing, 3rd Yr Drama Production)
Spring Term 2017 Sharings & Showcases – 24th March (Combined Showcase & 1st/2nd Year Sharing)
End of Year Shows – 6th-8th July (Musical Theatre Production)
Auditions – 23rd October 2016, 12th February 2017, 28th May 2017, 23rd July 2017
Open Days – 24th November 2016, 16th March 2017, 29th June 2017

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Junior Wac Arts

Autumn Term: 24th September – 3rd December 2016
(half term 22nd and 29th October)

Spring Term: 14th January 2017 – 25th March 2017
(half term 11th & 18th February)

Summer Term: 22nd April 2017 – 13th May 2017

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Senior Wac Arts

Taster Day: 11th September 2016

Autumn Term: 25th September – 11th December 2016
(half term 23rd and 30th October)

Spring Term: 15th January 2017 – 26th March 2017
(half term 12th and 19th February)

Presentation Nite: 26th March 2017

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Wac Arts Nites (Tuesdays & Wednesday Nights)

Autumn Term: 13th & 14th September – 6th & 7th December 2016
(half term 25th & 26th October 2016)

Spring Term: 10th & 11th January – 4th & 5th April 2017
(half term 14th & 15th February 2017)

Summer Term: 25th & 26th April – 4th & 5th July 2017
(half term 30th & 31st May 2017)

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Wonder Wac Arts After School Clubs

Tuesday Evenings:
Autumn Term: 13th September – 6th December 2016 (half term 25th October)
Spring Term: 10th January – 28th March 2017 (half term 14th February – 28th of March)

Wednesday Club:
Autumn Term: 14th September – 7th December 2016 (half term 26th October)
Spring Term: 11th January – 29th March 2017 (half term 15th February)

Saturday Club:
Autumn Term: 10th September – 10th December 2016 (half term 22-29th October)
Spring Term: 9th January – 26th March 2016 (half term 20th February)

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Over 18s – Happy Healthy Independent Living

Autumn Term: 16th September – 2nd December 2016
(half term 28th October)

Spring Term: 13th January – 23rd March 2016
(half term 17th February)

Summer Term: 20th April – 13th July 2016
(half term 1st June)

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Wac Arts Interactive

Autumn Term: 16th September – 17th December 2016
(half term 24th – 28th October 2016)

Spring Term: 11th January – 29th March 2017
(half term 13th – 17th February)

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Holiday Programmes

Junior Wac Arts Holiday Project

• October Half Term Project: 24th October – 28th October 2016
• February Half Term Project: 13th February – 17th February 2017
• Easter Half Term Project: 10th April – 13th April 2017
• May Half Term Project: TBC

Wonder Wac Arts Holiday Projects

• October Half Term Project: 24th October – 28th October 2016
• February Half Term Project: 13th February – 17th February 2017
• Easter Half Term Project: 29th March – 1st April, 4th April – 8th April 2017
• May Half Term Project: 31st May – 3rd June 2017
• Summer On Site Project: TBC

Summer Schools


Voices on the Hill Community Choir

Autumn Term (13 weeks)
12th September 2016 to 12th December 2016 (inc.)
Half Term 24th October 2016 (no choir)

Spring Term (11 weeks)
16th January 2017 to 3rd April March 2017 (inc.)
Half Term 13th February 2017 (no choir)

Summer Term (10 weeks)
24th April 2017 to 3rd July 2017 (inc.)
Half Term 29th May 2017 (no choir)

Building Closure

Closing for Christmas on Wednesday 21st December at 5pm and opening on Tuesday 3rd January at 8.30am

Wac Arts
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