ARCO Junior

The ARCO Junior programme offers an alternative educational provision to support fourteen to sixteen year olds. While young people in years ten and eleven should be fully engaged within mainstream statutory education, many young people experience difficulties in a variety of areas and often require something fresh. Sessions are based predominantly in performing arts, media and personal development organised on a three day per week basis.

We work collaboratively with local schools, parents, Youth Opportunity Teams and Inclusion Units to support our young people. Activities provided are tailored to the needs of the individual candidates and the organisations that refer them. In this way we hope to offer specific learning environments that cannot be provided within the mainstream education system. Our maximum cohort is 16 students and classes are often split in half leaving a ratio of 8 students to 2 staff. We aim to look after our students’ individual needs and motivate them towards success.

Our ARCO Junior curriculum is most effective when students attend from year ten; we then have a chance to work long term on social issues and individual needs. We incorporate important themes of goals and aspirations, role models, anger management, identity, confidence building and positive choices. Our focus for our year elevens is firmly geared toward accreditation and next step options. All candidates have a real opportunity to succeed and to gain recognised qualifications as our work is officially accredited through the National Open College Network (NOCN). In addition to NOCN this year will see an introduction to Bronze and Silver Arts Award.

Term Dates

Autumn Term: 9th September-18th December 2013
(half term week of 28th October 2013)


If you know of someone who could benefit from our work at ARCO Junior, please contact us for more information. All young people taking part need to be referred by their school or local authority. To talk about this or for more detailed information, please contact Glenn Dallas on 020 7692 5881 or email

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