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The Wac Arts Diploma in Professional Musical Theatre provide modern training for a modern industry, consistently operating at the forefront in performing arts training.

It will push you to your absolute limits and beyond…

‘The curriculum is particularly broad and provides learners with skills beyond those available in many dance-training institutions’ Ofsted 2016


The Wac Arts Diploma in Professional Musical Theatre

The Wac Arts Diploma in Professional Musical Theatre is both unique and fun, consistently operating at the forefront in performing arts training. The first of its kind in the UK, as well as offering traditional, classical and contemporary training, this exciting programme also includes African, Asian, South American, Eastern and European performance techniques. Preparing performers for the 21st century arts world, our graduates enjoy maximum employability in today’s global industry; on stage, in television and on film. Fully accredited by Trinity College London, this is a full time, degree equivalent qualification. It is unique in that it gives equal weight to its training in drama, dance and singing and actively promotes non-western art forms.

Students train with highly skilled tutors as well as successful artists from the dance, theatre and music industries. Teaching personnel at Wac Arts include industry professionals from the Lion King, Billy Elliot The Musical, The National and Globe Theatres, the BBC and more. Their work is challenging but exciting, exhausting but inspiring.

Our students emerge as individual artists with the diverse skills needed for employment in today’s global industry across stage, TV and film.


This is a three-year, full time vocational course in performing arts. It comprises three disciplines, with equal status given to non-western art forms: dance, drama and singing.

Together these modules form an essential part of a vocational training programme, which combines knowledge and skills development to prepare students for work within the professional performing arts industry.


The course curriculum

The dance programme is designed to deliver a safe technical base that will develop you as a dancer across a range of genres. Throughout the year you will study with both regular technique teachers as well as visiting artists.

You will have the opportunity to study Mattox based Jazz, Contemporary, Horton, African, Ballet, Tap, Lindy Hop and Musical Theatre Dance. These different techniques will help you develop an awareness of the individual and specific demands associated with each style studied and will focus on the ability to apply technical knowledge, taking into account personal and physical characteristics.

In addition, you will have the opportunity to study repertory dance drawn from around the world, this will include Khatak, Afro Cuban, Flamenco, Capoiera and Commercial dance styles.

Each dance style studied will build on core strength, personal safety, stamina & flexibility. One to one work using the Pilates technique and principles is also available to you both individually and as a group.

The Drama course is designed to develop you as a fully rounded actor with a wide range of supporting skills within both text and devised based work. It is delivered by a wide variety of tutors all of whom are practicing professionally within the industry.
The training breaks down into four main areas:

Text will expand your knowledge of the written word, both classical and contemporary, from around the world and will include analysis, uniting, actions and objectives plus delivery
Voice is an exploration and development of your voice; learning how to support your breath, increase power and clarity as well as improving articulation and understanding of dialects
Movement for actors will look at you gaining control of your body as an acting tool and introduce you to a host of supporting skills including; Mime, Tumbling, Clowning, Buffont, Stage Combat, Puppetry and Mask
General studies will look at a variety of drama applications and alternative practices from conflict resolution to Forum Theatre, games to meditation and massage.

The Singing course is designed to maximize your singing technique and build your musicianship skills as well as your repertoire. You will learn harmony, ensemble, background vocals, sight singing, microphone technique, solo performance, duets, company and interpretation of material for performance.

You will also learn the repertoire and vocal techniques of various cultural origins from around the globe as well as contemporary and commercial styles, Jazz standards, African song, Hindustani, R&B, Hip Hop and a wide variety of Musical Theatre Song.

Students prepare for the professional industry through audition-technique, and you will have the opportunity to record appropriate material for your chosen path into work.


The Wac Arts Diploma in Professional Musical Theatre is a full time, degree equivalent qualification, fully accredited by the international exam board for the arts, Trinity CollegeLondon.

The course holds Level 6 status, which is a degree equivalent. If you wish to take additional modules you can achieve a full BA Honours Degree in Professional Musical Theatre.

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