Wonder Wac Arts

Wonder Wac Arts offers performing arts and media courses for young people with learning disabilities. The sessions provide the opportunity for members to develop their skills in various arts and media forms. They work creatively, build confidence and raise self-esteem.

The groups work throughout the year on various artwork projects. They also record live music tracks in the recording studio and there is a range of their own compositions available for them to listen to.

In this way, young people at Wonder WAC have the opportunity to explore social education issues and develop independent living skills. Although development of skills and process are given top priority, young people are also encouraged to perform live and to record their work and their achievements.

We organise regular off-site visits to locations such as the South Bank, the London Aquarium, Hampstead Heath, the Fusion inclusive club night and the Beautiful Octopus Club which is run by people with learning difficulties.

Tuesday Evenings

Young people will be transported around the world this term, visiting a new country each week, exploring its culture and diversity via music, art, dance and drama and sharing of knowledge. In the music technology room young people will use computers to create soundscapes inspired by music devising their own tracks. At the end of each session this work is shared between the young people.

Wednesday Afternoons

The group have been working towards their AQA awards in drama and props, devising their own TV shows in smalls groups and learning routines to act out in front of the whole class. They will also make some of their own props and have to learn lines and cues relevant to the individual group segments. These will be filmed and presented as part of their accreditation.

Saturday Club

Young people will learn about our solar system and create art, music and dance based around this theme. The finished art piece will be displayed in our atrium space and the dance will be filmed.

Buddying and Transitions

With their buddies this term young people will choose activities and trips to places including the London Eye, London Dungeon, Shard, Adapted Cycling events, Royal Airforce, Cinema, Madame Tussauds, Olympic Park and many other exciting places. On these trips young people will be supported in planning their day, including how to travel, how to spend their money and what times they want to start and go home, boosting their independence skills.

Sensory Room

We have a state of the art Sensory Room, in-house. This gives our members access to a range of specialist sensory equipment and software that they can use to enhance their ability to communicate and develop creative ideas.

Equipped with Soundbeam, Vibrabed and Cyberlink, we use our new sensory room to offer students the chance for one to one support and some individual attention. They also have the opportunity to work with multimedia equipment that is especially designed to be used by people with disabilities. This enables them to experience music in a range of different, less conventional ways and to have some control over the music they make.

Through one to one and small group sessions the young people are assisted in developing communication skills and enhancing creativity. They use percussion and acoustic instruments in conjunction with the latest sensory technology like Soundbeam, Vibrabed and Cyberlink. We also provide training for Sensory Licenses for young people so that they can support Wonder WAC students and assist tutors in the delivery of sessions and classes.

Oasis Residentials

Oasis Residentials are week long camping holidays and trips away for students who have learning difficulties from our WonderWAC project. They run throughout the summer holidays, and, in addition, we also run two weekend residential trips away.

These projects offer students with learning difficulties, a unique opportunity to combine outdoor pursuits with the performing arts. They can also develop their group work and independent living skills. These trips away also have the extra benefit of providing a much needed respite for parents, carers and their families.

All our Oasis members are encouraged to participate in one or more of the various citizenship schemes available to enable them to achieve accredited awards. These have included the Changemakers scheme, the Duke of Edinburgh Awards scheme, Youth Bank and the Millennium Volunteers scheme.


For more information on Wonder Wac Arts and our Sensory Room please contact Melanie Ancliff on Melanie.Ancliff@WacArts.co.uk or phone 020 7692 5888.

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