Diploma Term Dates

Our current term dates (Academic year 2017-2018)

Induction Week: 18th September- 21st of September 2017

Autumn Term: 25th September – 8th December 2017
(half term 23rd October to 27th October 2017)

Spring Term: 8th January – 23rd March 2018
(half term 12th February to 16th February 2018)

Summer Term: 16th April –29th June 2018
(half term 5th of June to 9th June 2018)

Autumn Term Sharing & Production: 8 December 2017
1st/2nd Year Sharing (Afternoon) & 3rd Year Production (Evening) / Spring Term Sharing & Showcase: 23 March 2018
1st/2nd Year Sharing (Afternoon) & 3rd Year Production (Evening) / End of Year Show: 29-30 June 2018 (John Lyons Theatre)
Production (in a theatre offsite)

Wednesday 1 August 2018

Open Days: TBC

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