Our Classes

1 class per term – £27 | 2 classes per term – £44 | Additional classes thereafter – £22 per class, per term.


Age based classes for:
Years 1&2 : 30 mins
Years 3&4 : 1 hour

Children can join ballet classes from the age of five and benefit from a live piano accompanist. Together with a fully equipped dance studio, this inspires students to express themselves through dance.

Designed to promote both physical and spatial awareness, the classes include different activities for each age group, beginning with warm up games for the younger group and the barre for older students.

With an emphasis on posture and alignment, all will learn the basic ballet techniques of carriage of arms and the positioning of feet. Progressing to learning short movement sequences, both adagio and petit allegro in the centre, students develop co-ordination of mind and body. They will practice enchainments of movements at the barre and learn how to work with their peers to create travelling sequences that ultimately lead to springs, jumps and grand allegro work.

Once our ballet students have the basic techniques, they can take ballet training further or use their skills to supplement any other dance form they may choose. Throughout, they all have the opportunity to have a great time with dance!


Age based classes for:
Years 1&2 : 30 mins
Years 3&4: 45 mins
Years 5, 6&7 : 1 hour
Years 8, 9&10 : 1 hour 30 mins

Drama is offered to children and young people between the ages of five and fourteen in a selection of age appropriate classes. Our drama classes explore improvisation, drama techniques and the ‘rules’ of acting, drama games and exercises.

The younger groups focus on fun and drama games. They learn important improvisational skills and are encouraged to relate to their new friends in class. All classes encourage creativity and develop communication and leadership skills through creative tasks.

As our young people progress, they have the opportunity to evaluate their own work, giving space to think about and consider the skills learnt. Classes also work on performance both from the perspective of the audience and the performer.

Throughout, our students will learn the drama basics and have a greater understanding of dramatic techniques and skills. They learn to share ideas and to be creative whilst working collectively as a group and also as an individual. For all drama classes there is always a strong emphasis on self-discovery and having fun!

Movement and Dance

Age based classes for:
Years 1&2 : 30 mins
Years 3&4 : 45 mins
Years 5, 6&7 : 1 hour
Years 5-10 : 1 hour 30 mins (workshops)

Movement and Dance classes are offered for all our children and young people from the age of five and up. Classes are fun and develop expression within dance through the exploration of projection and performance skills, style, musicality, focus and choreography.

Students will develop practical knowledge, spatial awareness and physical skills vital in dance, including balance, alignment, strength, flexibility, control, co-ordination, elevation and flow of energy. In a context of discovery, these skills will be explored through a variety of dance styles including contemporary, African, street dance and salsa.

Dancers learn the basics of body action, good studio practice and the importance of warm up and cool down. In practicing creative tasks together, they also learn the value of evaluating contributions, communication skills and groupwork, gaining confidence and a love of dance in the process!

Music 1, 2 & 3

Years 5-10 : 1 hour

We have three music classes based on musical ability and aptitude. The ensemble style of playing in each class means that students work as a team in a range of different musical styles and genres.

They have opportunities to play their own instrument or to experiment with new ones in a supportive environment. Each student is encouraged to develop a broad range of musical skills and the group setting enables our musicians to play with others as a band.

Students work towards a performance at the end of year and develop their performance, improvisation and directing skills each week. As part of the group, students always have fun and enjoy the process of practicing, playing and performing together.

Music Technology

Age based class for
Years 6-10 : 2 hours

A two-hour Music Technology class for young people from ten years of age.

Learning the basic skills involved in sound recording, Music Tech students are based in the Wac Arts recording suite for their classes. The young people explore studio techniques and compositional skills.

They then begin to develop the music they want to hear and have fun experimenting with different styles, effects and sounds!


Age based classes for:
Years 1&2 : 45 mins
Years 3&4 : 45 mins

Focused FUN with percussion! A great class for children from five to eight years old – learning ‘carnival style’!

This class introduces children to the joys of rhythm, singing, and playing a variety of percussion and other instruments. A holistic teaching approach means the class receives the best foundation to develop through music.

As well as learning to play, read and write rhythm, children develop listening appreciation and a host of interpersonal skills needed to successfully create percussive rhythm as a group. Wonderful fun for team working and producing great sounds!


Age based classes for:
Years 5, 6&7 : 1 hour
Years 8, 9&10 : 1 hour

We have two singing classes for children and young people from nine years and up. Students sing as a group and there are opportunities to sing solo and in small groups so that individuals can progress at their own pace.

Creative group work is designed to reflect the interests of students and encourage them to contribute their own ideas and material to the session, gaining confidence in their abilities. The groups sing in a range of styles and have fun experimenting with different vocal techniques.

They explore the complexities of multiple part harmonies, vocal scales and song arrangement. Part of the fun is to also experiment with improvisational and ad-lib skills so that everyone develops their vocal confidence and enjoys themselves!

Both classes have at least one group performance opportunity for each year.

Video Production

Age based class for
Years 6-10 : 2 hours

This is a two-hour class each week and is based around intermediate level video production techniques.

With a strong ‘hands on’ emphasis, the students have plenty of opportunities to practice their skills first hand, as well to learn video theory and media language. They learn a range of video production skills from pre to post production including writing their own treatment, short scripts and pitching their ideas to the group.

At the end of each year, all students will have learnt to write, direct and edit their own three-minute film. In a team-working atmosphere they also benefit from the supportive input of their peers and generally have fun with film!

Digital Design

Age based class for:
Years 6-10 : 2 hours

This class is offered in our digital arts suite for young people from ten years up.

They learn a range of animation skills from storyboarding and composition through the entire process of creating and editing their work on screen. Students are introduced to different software and encouraged to experiment with various styles of animation.

As animation can make the impossible happen on screen, digital arts students always have fun letting their imagination run freely with their stories as they draw, build and film to translate their ideas into reality!

Instrument Tuition

• Drum Kit
• Guitar
• Keyboards
• Saxophone
Years 5-10 : Individual or paired classes : 30 mins

Lessons are for half an hour and, when paired up to share sessions, students are selected to ensure they are at the same level and have complementary learning styles. Musicians learn at their own pace and are encouraged to practice on their own instruments at home each day to maximise the benefits of lesson time with their tutors.

To enable all students to access instrumental tuition, we are sometimes able to loan instruments if students are experimenting and don’t want buy an instrument until they are sure they want to pursue it. Drum kits and keyboards can also be used for practice in the evenings by arrangement. We can sometimes also help students to purchase instruments if families are unable to afford the cost of buying their own instrument outright.