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What is InFlight?

InFlight was a professional development project for people already involved in physical sports or art forms who wanted to expand their skill base with aerial work. We recruited people who always aspired to train in aerial but may have never had the opportunity. Successful applicants were already skilled in other disciplines (i.e. martial arts, climbing, parkour, dance, physical theatre, b-boying, stunting, yoga etc) but were new to aerial.

Running part-time for two years, InFlight provided participants with free, intensive training in trapeze, cocoon, silks and rope as well as harness techniques such as abseil and bungee harness. To marry all these skills, participants were given the opportunity to take part in a final performance, InFlight from Home. The course was funded by Wac Arts and the Arts Council and delivered in partnership with professional aerial theatre companies: Scarabeus and Upswing.

InFlight Final Performance

Date: 23rd July 2016
Location: Wac Arts, Old Town Hall, 213 Haverstock Hill, London NW3 4QP

The students will work with their acquired skills in disciplines such as trapeze, cocoon, silks and rope as well as harness techniques (abseil and bungee harness) to bring to life the artistic vision of InFlight Artistic Director, Leo Kay. The InFlight final performance will explore topical themes of home, immigration and the ‘other’ to expose lived experience and tackle wider socio-political issues surrounding ideas of nationhood. Through a site-specific promenade performance the audience will be guided through intimate interactions and larger, image-based, physical spectacles around the inspiring grade 2 listed Town Hall in Belsize Park.

“I’m interested in creating moments of high spectacle alongside intimate shared action between audience and performer. I hope that this mix of mediums and forms will create an original, emotional and politically charged work”Leo Kay, Inflight Artistic Director
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