Caroline Tate

Caroline Tate’s Splendid Artwork Available For Sale at Wac Arts

“I decided to donate my paintings to Wac Arts as a friend introduced me and as soon as I arrived and heard about the huge variety of programmes in the performing arts and felt the atmosphere of the place, I knew I wanted to support this organisation. I attended a music event and it was palpable how passionate everyone was in performing, in playing their instrument and working alongside others who shared their passion. The whole creative programme offering such a wide choice of activities give children and young people who have had challenging lives, to blossom into their real selves, and make new friends and to discover their hidden talents.”
Caroline Tate


Name of Painting Price Painting
Dream State £250 dream_state
Great Expectations £350 great_expectations
Mahler’s Fourth Symphony £350 mahlers_4th_symphony
Mahler’s First Symphony £650 mahlers_first_symphony
Mahler’s Second Symphony £650 mahlers_second_symphony
Mahler’s Third Symphony £650 mahlers_third
Sounds of Colour £100 sounds_of_colour
Waves £220 waves

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Wac Arts is a talent magnet! While we couldn’t be more thankful of the artists who choose Wac Arts to showcase their artworks and talent to the Belsize community, there are also some exceptional artists who donate their work to Wac Arts for the betterment of the young people and to secure their future.

Caroline Tate, great-great granddaughter of Sir Henry Tate, founder of the Tate gallery, kindly donated some of her masterpieces to Wac Arts, in October 2014, to raise funds for our range of programmes. Caroline has exhibited her paintings at Horsley towers, the Barbican Library, Southwark cathedral, Guildford Cathedral, Putney Arts Theatre, Landmark Centre “Festival of Song”, and many other locations.

Her past work includes many paintings of landscapes in Norway, Prague, Italy, New Zealand, and of course many scenes in the UK. She spent a year painting cathedrals, then ‘bridges of London, Prague and Paris. Caroline says, “The emphasis has always been on light, exuberant colour and effects with texture often playing a part. I love to have several works on the go at once Music plays a huge part in my life and I have painted over 75 paintings based on music, often that of Gustav Mahler!.”

Caroline has visited Mahler’s composing huts near Austrian Lakes, and has also had an exhibition ‘Trees and There Music’ in which she displayed the paintings of the music of Mahler. She has been hugely inspired by Mahler’s music. As quoted on The Gustav Mahler Society UK website, “Mahler’s music has been a big part of my daily life for many years. As an artist I have found huge inspiration in his music and I have exhibited my work many times. I depict what I ‘see’ in the music through the use of expressive colour, rhythmic shape and parts of the actual score. Each image is my visual response to the sound of the music.”

We have put up one of the mesmerising paintings, called “Third Symphony Tree” at our reception. It is acrylic plus musical score on broad edge canvas 76 x 60 cm. It is called “Third Symphony Tree” because the musical score on the canvas is from the Third Symphony by Gustav Mahler. Caroline donated this painting to us after hearing about the work we do for young people. She felt that the musical inspiration in the painting and the colours suited our work and ethos. Coincidently, the same week a student who had not seen her work, drew a picture of tree and described the tree as the young people who are nurtured as a part of the Wac Arts family! Caroline and the student and staff at WA could not believe the timing and significance of the two drawings.

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