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Bronze Wac Arts Backer

Give between £2.50-£24 monthly or £25-£249 annually to become a Bronze Backer.

£25 can provide breakfast for 10 young people at Wac Arts breakfast club!

In return for your generous donation you will receive:

• A quarterly newsletter with an update of our activities.

Please contact us on 020 7692 5807 or email Backers@WacArts.co.uk for more information.


If you fill out the form below please let JustGiving know who are you are by not ticking the remain anonymous box. If you want to stay anonymous to JustGiving then make sure to drop us an email to let us know you have signed up as a backer so we can keep in touch and supply you with pledged gifts.

Wac Arts

Wac Arts Company No. 1158819
Registered Charity No. 267043