Senior Wac Arts Students wins a chance to work with Sony Music!


Congratulations to Mona Zaw! Cinemagic approached Wac Arts to find 2 talented students who would like the chance to learn how to make a music video with Sony Music! Mona Felicia Zaw is a Senior Wac Arts student and she was picked by Cinemagic to win this fantastic opportunity.

Mona tells us how it went:

I’ve had a hectic week!!!

It went really great! I learnt more in depth about the music industry and from an executive producers point, which was pretty boring (didn’t do much apart from discuss ideas and thoughts/ suggestions and we were pretty much in an office all day- haha) but very worth while. I learnt quite a lot during the pre- production process has it’s not really something I particular enjoy doing.

The Director has his own company and pretty much started from the very bottom and did everything himself, he had told us he originally graduated with an animation course degree but he had friends in which wanted/ were starting out in the music and had asked Matt Walker to help them produce a video, in which he did. Not knowing which cameras were the best or how to use it at it’s full potential he did the basic in terms of what he knew as well as the editing and self taught himself/YouTube on how to improve etc.

I got to hear the whole story behind the Sony commissioner Dan, learnt things I didn’t even know which was pretty fascinating. I never knew for a simple promotional video for a music video took a lot of energy and bits and bobs. Time is money. Also, Dan had originally graduated with a film degree and somehow just happened to work within the music industry.

From what I learnt is that in a way having a degree for the media industry doesn’t really matter because, it’s not what you know, it’s who you know- something I keep getting told by everyone is to make contacts and socialise as much as I can! I’m a film a television student but same rules apply.


Mona x