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Talented students wanted to be apart of a theatre production called I-EXIST


I-EXIST is a three-month creative mental health and well-being project, leading to a live production, for 12 voluntary cast members aged 16+, who identify as African, Caribbean, Asian, indigenous and/or melanated. We are looking to work with a group who have experienced racism, been subject to structural oppression and/or generational trauma and would like a platform to express themselves creatively without manipulation of their story.

Following the BLM movement and growing structural inequalities I EXIST will provide a space for our cohort to creatively express around their experiences of race and racism in a safe non-judgemental environment, supported by mental health professionals, experienced creative teachers, and trained facilitators. Starting in May 2022 the cohort will meet for 17 sessions over 3 months and will be led by artist and choreographer Naala Lartey. Over the project you will work with and develop your dance, spoken word poetry, acting, storytelling, and performance skills. Through this work and the support of the IEXIST team the cohort will develop the first version of a theatre show that aims to challenge cultural beliefs of being ‘black’ in today’s society and show what the cohort think is the way forward to build a stronger community.

The final performance will take place at Pleasance Theatre in North London and pop-up locations in Piccadilly Circus and Kings Cross.

We are recruiting for participants now so if this sounds like its your type of thing please get straight back to us