Wonder Wac Arts Programmes have lots to celebrate this Winter!

12279230_978268212218771_7668780912362550090_nNovember was an exciting and busy month for the Interactive Group. A huge milestone was reached with their first public performance, premiering as an iPad Orchestra at the Hampstead Festival. The young people hit the stage to deliver a unique performance of ‘Louie Louie’ to a marvelling crowd, consolidating 6 weeks of hard work.

Their excellent work has also been recognised at the Camden Youth Awards where several of the Interactive Group were selected for awards. And typical of the energy of the group, the young people took to the stage to perform an impromptu dance routine and getting the all the other young people in the audience to join in and participate!!

Following the Robot theme, Wac Arts Interactive’s new tutorial video for music app Bebot is out now. The students created the video to help others learn how to have fun with your friends by making fun sounds, dancing like robots and baffling others with your out space noises. Get your robot moves going by learning how to use music app Bebot … https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Z5YZjjei-rU&feature=youtu.be.


Well done Wac Arts Interactive!

Many of the students from our Wonder Wac Arts programme had a great time at Winter Wonderland press night. Going on rides, checking out stalls and having lots of fun. Going to press night meant they were one of the first groups of people to get a chance to enjoy Winter Wonderland and all for free! Thanks to ex Wac Arts student, Perry Douglin and WinterWonderland for the free tickets and giving our students a great night out.

And finally check out these two screen grabs from the upcoming dance video our WinWin group have been working on this term. They have been working hard on the choreography and are dancing to Beyonce’s 711 track. Watch this space as we’ll be sharing the video here very soon!!!