Weekend programmes restart

We received fantastic support from the Wac Arts community during the recent weekend programme funding crisis. So it’s wonderful to be able to announce the new programmes due to start at the end of January.

Combined funding from our Kickstarter campaign and the very generous donation from the Amy Winehouse Foundation means we are able to offer a comprehensive programme of activities at both Junior and Senior Wac Arts. We have a full Junior timetable and a new, improved Senior timetable confirmed so, if you’re a weekend Wac Arts student, now is the time to check the details for your classes!

Big changes at Senior Wac Arts!

The Senior programme involves exciting changes with some classes being organised as workshops and encouraging cross-disciplinary collaborations. It’s very important that everyone attends on the first day where final adjustments will be confirmed.

Singing will be offered as a workshop and some experienced students invited onto the Professional Approaches class following discussions with tutors on the first day back. Similarly, all Music students are invited to arrive at 2pm on the 26th January for the beginning of an introductory three-hour session for the new ‘phased’ Music workshop. This will develop through the term as a regular four-hour session where students attend the sections most relevant to them.

The Professional Approach classes for both Drama and Singing are now extended and will be working towards shared performance projects throughout the term. A number of other Senior classes will also be working together on exciting performance projects and more details will be available on the first Sunday back.

But perhaps the most exciting development at Senior Wac Arts is the introduction of new African Dance and Aerials sessions! If you want to join either of these fantastic new classes you can sign up on the first day back – Sunday 26th January!

Don’t miss your restart dates!

So, for both Junior and Senior students, please don’t miss your first day back at Wac Arts! Classes begin on Saturday 25th January for the Junior programme and Sunday 26th January for the Senior programme.

Thank you

These are exciting times for our weekend programmes and, once again, everyone at Wac Arts would like to thank all those who supported our campaign for these amazing projects. We are determined to keep Junior and Senior Wac Arts going for the future – they are at the core of everything we do but without long term funding available, we couldn’t have done it without you.


For those interested in supporting the longevity of the Junior and Senior Wac Arts programmes by setting up a monthly donation please visit: www.justgiving.com/WeekendWacArts