Watch the Artrobatics half term project animation showcase…


Artobatics was an exciting fusion of animation, acrobatics and aerial arts. Taking place over half term, the enthusiastic participants were able to show off their freshly acquired skills in a lively showcase on Friday afternoon.

Kicking off with an animation showcase (watch the video below or on our Vimeo site), the many accomplished animators proudly (and shyly) described the inspiration behind their creative shorts, detailing the many plots, subplots and characters. From there, the acrobatics took centre stage. Accompanied by Pharrell’s hit “Happy”, the artobats energetically demonstrated their street-dance, tumbling, and aerial skills. While some would perform impressive acrobatic and tumbling moves in the forefront, others would scale silks and pull tricky manoeuvres in the background.

All in all, the setting was lively and high-spirited. The audience continuously clapped and cheered along and at times, the performers would gather in a semi-circle to perform short solos and cheer on each other. In an exciting conclusion, the young artobats finished with a human W-A-C. Artobatics was a success!

Review by Saige Jennings, Wac Arts Intern