Watch ‘Blood Wedding’, a Fusion film from 1989

Presenting ‘Blood Wedding’, a ‘Fusion’ film made in 1989 when we were still called Weekend Arts College! The film highlights the struggles and determination of the young people involved in pursuing their passions and dreams, and the importance of having places like Wac Arts available to them.

The video features Stephen Medlin, Pauline Mayers, Danny Sapani, Isaac Ngugu, Kay Richards, Audrey Haswell, Edwina Anthony, Liz Hayton, Leon Kay, Zoe Parker, Clemency Nyaga Otto, Celia Marques, Anna Kasabova, Carol Davy, Louise Nkosi, Tara Kane and Celia Greenwood.

It is a testament to the drive of the video’s stars and the stimulating environment of Wac Arts that many of these alumni have continued to pursue their passions and carve out successful careers in the performing arts. Pauline Mayers is an independent choreographer and movement director. Danny Sapani is an actor who has appeared in, among others, Danny Boyle’s film Trance and TV shows Misfits and Blackouts. He can next be seen in Showtime’s Penny Dreadful. Isaac Ngugi is a drama-in-education specialist working in special needs and mainstream primary schools. Stephen Medlin is still an active member of the Wac Arts family. He is the co-ordinator for Senior Wac Arts and head of drama for our Diploma in Professional Musical Theatre. He and Isaac Ngugi are also co-directors of Unclassified Arts, a company providing drama in education, INSETS, arts training and consultancy packages for schools and colleges in the UK and abroad.

They certainly were, and still are, an exceptionally talented bunch and we very much hope that you enjoy this little snippet from our past!