Wac Arts Weekend programmes are safe!

Weekend Programmes Safe

Spring Term Dates for Junior Wac Arts:
25th January-5th April 2014
Spring Term Dates for Senior Wac Arts:
26th January-6th April 2014

A tough year for arts funding meant that Junior and Senior Wac Arts faced closure after a 35year history of brilliant arts work with young people. The Wac Arts family couldn’t let that happen and parents, students, staff and supporters came together to launch an emergency fundraising campaign.

Centred around the new Longevity project, our Kickstarter campaign involved a promotional video for the scheme to translate support for Wac Arts into pledges and donations. It aimed to raise £15,000 in just 30 days to secure Junior and Senior Wac Arts for 2014… and it happened!

Support for the Longevity project was phenomenal and involved over 200 donations and pledges large and small. Running right up to the wire, we needed to raise £11,000 for a generous beneficiary to step in and top up the fund to £15,000. The fundraising campaign also benefited from the amazing success of the 35th Birthday party celebration. This wonderful night focused everyone on the difference our weekend programmes make to young people and how important it is to keep these amazing projects running for the future.

With new donations to the campaign from the party event, our total was finally reached just in time for Christmas – the best present we could have hoped for! And the icing on the cake came from the Amy Winehouse Foundation. On hearing about the Kickstarter campaign and recognising the work we do, they stepped in to fund music and singing tuition until 2015.

Senior Wac ArtsAn amazing way to begin 2014… with funding in place for the new Longevity project and new funding from the Amy Winehouse Foundation, Junior and Senior Wac Arts begin an exciting new programme on 25th January. With the funds combined we will be reaching out again, providing training in music and singing, drama and physical theatre. So ‘watch this space’ for more information and don’t forget to check our Facebook page for all the latest developments.

Wac Arts would also like to thank everyone who supported our fundraising campaign or donated to the cause. Special thanks are also due to the Kwaten family who spearheaded the Kickstarter project, created the promotional video and helped with a silent march that took place in November 2013.

To keep our weekend programmes going means that children and young people from all walks of life, abilities and disabilities can access the arts in a unique environment for the future. Thank you. We rely on funding we can count on and, for those interested in supporting the longevity of Junior and Senior Wac Arts by setting up a monthly donation, please visit www.justgiving.com/WeekendWacArts.