Wac Arts Storytelling and Photography Half Term Project Update


otis final pictureDuring half term 26 budding photographers and storytellers used their photography, animation and acing skills to unravel and explore the historical and present day Camden Lock. During their storytelling and drama workshops, the young people looked at time travel and tried to imagine what life would have been like in Camden Town in 1945.

These stories were then animated using their own drawings, with the lives of shopkeepers, famous Camden residents and market sellers portrayed on screen. In their photography workshops the young people learnt some basic compositional theory and street photography techniques before heading to Camden Lock where they put these new skills into practice.

They also took part in a “Painting with Light” workshop where they were able to combine their artistic and photographic skills. At the end of the week each student was given a framed print of their favourite picture and an exhibition was held to display their work.