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Wac Arts partners with Swarovski Foundation

diploma-thumbWac Arts is proud to announce a new partnership with the Swarovski Foundation, the first fruits of which are the Swarovski Foundation Scholarships which will support two young performers through their first year of training on the conservatoire’s flagship diploma programme this autumn.
The Swarovski Foundation builds on 120 years of culture and charitable giving from the world famous crystal business and has specific focuses that include wellbeing and culture and creativity. These interests align neatly with those of Wac Arts which believes that accessing the arts is a right and not a privilege and has been providing creative arts training to young people, irrespective of background, since 1978.

The Swarovski Foundation Scholarship will be open to first-year students on the three year, degree level programme and will cover the costs of the course fees. Students accepted onto the programme who have applied for financial assistance will be invited to an audition for the scholarship, to be judged by an external panel drawn from the industry representing the core subjects of drama, dance and singing.

This process has been devised by teams on both sides of the partnership to ensure that the Swarovski Foundation Scholarship is truly transformative. It will enable entry onto the course for two students who otherwise would not be able to afford to study full time and to nurture their talents into the professional-level skills needed for future careers. In doing so the scheme will also be contributing to the diversity of professional talent that the UK performing arts industry needs by producing creative performers with a rich mix of life experience and backgrounds.

The Swarovski Foundation Scholarship will have the added benefit of relieving some of the financial demands made on the finite resources that Wac Arts already offers as means-tested support to students, thus enabling even more talented young people to be supported through the professional level training.

The Swarovski Foundation Scholarship is set to be a conduit to success for its two recipients and the positive impact it will have on these individuals will be felt across the course as a whole. Wac Arts looks forward to continuing to work with the Swarovski Foundation to further the work of both institutions in fostering and supporting excellence in the creative arts.

Swarovski Foundation

swarovski-foundation-smallSwarovski Foundation was incorporated in 2013 to pursue charitable goals to honor the philanthropic spirit of Daniel Swarovski, who founded the crystal business in 1895. Since then, five generations of the Swarovski family have reinforced the company’s commitment to philanthropy and charitable giving. The Foundation’s mission is to build on this heritage by supporting charitable initiatives and organizations working in three areas. Fostering Creativity and Culture by promoting the arts, advancing education, supporting cultural institutions and innovative projects with cutting edge talent; Promoting Wellbeing, supporting initiatives on women’s empowerment, access to health and education and assisting the advancement and development of young people and communities; and Conserving Natural Resources through water sustainability and environmental projects to promote the conservation, protection and improvement of the physical and natural environment. The Swarovski Foundation’s trustees are Nadja Swarovski (Chairperson), Anthony Julius, Paul van Zyl, Helen Jenkins and Emma Soames.