Wac Arts chosen to run a Free School!

Wac Arts Free School

In recognition of 15 years of work to re-engage young people through creative activities, we are extremely proud and excited to announce that our application to open a new alternative provision Free School has been accepted. There were over 300 applications put forward nationwide and only 102 were approved. 16 of these were for alternative provision. This means that the Wac Arts Free School will become a centre of excellence, delivering cutting edge performing arts and media provision to young people who are failing to thrive in mainstream education.

The establishment of the new Wac Arts Free School will secure government funded programmes for 14-19 year olds for the next 5 years, for both Camden residents as well as those from the other boroughs.

The Wac Arts Free School will be based at the Wac Arts building in Belsize Park and will not only enhance but build on some of the existing work that we have been doing for nearly 35 years. This will allow us to share good practice, develop our social inclusion work and continue to deliver high quality performing arts and media programmes, which will encourage and support young people into further education, training and employment.


“It’s fantastic! With long term appropriate funding we can meet the needs of 14 – 19 year olds who fail in school but have huge creative potential.”
Celia Greenwood – Wac Arts CEO


There is a lot of work to be done but with the support and expertise from the Department for Education we will be recruiting from January 2014 and fully operational from September 2014. We would like to thank all of the Wac Arts students, parents, alumni, local schools and the wider community for their continued support and encouragement.

For further details please see our website at FreeSchool.WacArts.co.uk or email Camille.Curtis@WacArts.co.uk