Wac Arts – Celebrating International Women’s Day

Celebrating International Womens DayIn 1978 Weekend Arts Centre as it was known then, was co founded by Theresa Noble, Ed Berman and Celia Greenwood and over the past 39 years, Wac Arts (as it is now known since changing its name in 2013) has always strived to provide a safe and inspiring environment for generations of young people to develop and grow – becoming a creative haven that has helped to nurture many within the creative and performing arts industry.

On international women’s day, we are immensely proud to count a huge number of inspiring females as part of our alumni community who have graced stages and screens across the world, including our recent female graduates appearing in productions across the UK, those who are now loving parents, have traveled the world, or become teachers and youth workers – and in Wac Arts, over half of the heads of departments are women.

Chief Executive Karen Napier says, “It’s days like today, International Women’s Day, when I am particularly proud to lead an organisation like Wac Arts. We have long ensured that we’re at the forefront of championing equal rights for all, and it will continue to be at the heart of our work and commitment to young people”