Wac Arts Backers – a new approach for a changing landscape


Thursday 13th June 2013 … a special day in Wac Arts’ history! This is the day we launch the new Wac Arts Backers scheme – hoping to secure the organisation for future generations!

Ambitious in the face of funding adversity, Wac Arts Backers is aiming to raise £100, 000 by October to help plug the funding gap left by public funding cuts. 

The new Wac Arts Backers scheme gives all our supporters the opportunity to contribute towards our fundraising target. With £21, 000 already raised, this represents the positive influence of a new focus on individual giving.  Donors can join the scheme as Bronze, Silver or Gold members and there are also legacy and living legacy opportunities – offering even more involvement.

Over the last 35 years, Wac Arts has provided performing arts opportunities to more than 30,000 ‘hard to reach’, ‘at risk’ and disabled children and young people. Wac Arts has created a unique, vibrant and nurturing environment that supports young people, from all kinds of backgrounds, to reach their potential across a range of disciplines. It also ensures the continued usage of the old Hampstead Town Hall as the vibrant heart of the local community.

To help this innovative cultural charity continue its pioneering work for more years to come, Wac Arts is reaching out to all its supporters – old and new.  Asking all those with an interest in the arts and everyone who has benefited from its work to contribute.  So that Wac Arts is able to continue to make a positive difference to its children and young people – to maintain this vibrant cultural organisation within a climate of austerity.

So, please click on the link to find out more about the full Wac Arts Backers scheme and its range of features and unique benefits – and help to ensure the future of Wac Arts. To make sure there will be more names to add to the distinguished Wac Arts alumni for the future and more young people given the chance to pursue their dreams.

Hoping you can join us and become a Wac Arts Backer, thank you so much and we look forward to hearing from you!

Click here for more information.