Wac Arts awarded funding by Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation

Posted on 13/08/2018 in Homepage

Wac Arts awarded funding by Ronnie Scott’s Charitable FoundationWac Arts have an incredibly rich history of Jazz musicianship, with alumni including Michael and Mark Mondesir, Nikki Yeoh, Julian Joseph, Zoe Rahman, Courtney Pine, David Mrakpor and Ricky and David Mian. This has been fostered since the early 1980’s when Ian Carr began teaching music at Wac Arts and launched the London Fusion Orchestra, while working on his own Jazz Warrior project. This teaching foundation in Jazz and enthusiasm for music has continued to grow, with a succession of Jazz musicians returning to teach at Wac Arts and training the next generation.

In addition, those who have received prominence in the industry continue to support our work, with alumnus Julian Joseph donating a performance in 2015 at Wac Arts for the community and our young people.

With this rich history in mind, we are delighted to announce that Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation have awarded us funding, to support our vision of continuing this legacy. The new funding will support the music tuition provided through Junior Wac Arts and the Wac Arts band. Our classes allow young people to learn at their own pace, both individually and in an ensemble, exploring a range of different musical skills including improvisation and directing. We offer a weekly loan scheme for saxophones and guitars so they can learn without the cost of buying their own instrument.

At Wac Arts we know how important performance opportunities are for young people to share their skills and develop performance technique. We hold sharing’s at the end of term, as well as annual performances as part of our spring festival. Young people report that they have fun and enjoy the process of practicing, playing and performing together.

A huge thank you to Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation for supporting us in our mission to empower young people to change their world through the arts, and helping us provide a safe and supportive environment for young people to play and experiment.

Ronnie Scott’s Charitable FoundationAbout Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation

Launched in 2015, Ronnie Scott’s Charitable Foundation aims to ensure that music education is accessible to every child and young person, especially those who are under-privileged. They raise funds and gift musical instruments to organisation that create or develop youth jazz programmes. They have supported over twenty projects so far, benefitting over 1000 school children. To find out more, visit http://foundation.ronniescotts.co.uk

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