Wac Arts 35th Birthday Party was a huge success!

35th birthday

Marianne Jean-Baptist kicked off the evening with a Birthday message from Hollywood where she currently is filming, the audience then enjoyed show stopping performances from our students and motivational speeches from our Alumni who included Ms. Dynamite, Kevin Mark Trial and Che Walker?!

The evening was filled with memories and excitement. Our original class from 1978 was there to blow out the candles of the birthday cake, and current students performed in all manner of disciplines, including physical theatre, African dance and music. It was a showcase of the breadth of talent that our students have. Watch the video to see some of the highlights!

Ché Walker (British Playwright) explains that we are at critical point with the future of the arts, in light of the swathes of cuts under the new austerity regime, he declares that this stress on young people is tantamount to making a simple choice: “either we invest in prisons or people”.

Ms Dynamite

Touched by Ché Walker’s words – Miss Dynamite closed the evening with warm words of her struggles as a youth and the joy of finding that one place where she could really let herself go. Mulled wine, Mince pies and a great atmosphere meant for a fantastic evening.

Thank you to all of those who came and supported us and a massive thank you to everyone who donated after seeing our students in action! Your help really will make a difference to these young peoples lives.

senior-wac-artsWe would like to give a thanks to The George Pub in Belsize Park, Jules Cakes, Ethical Edibles, Harry’s Flowers and Steele’s Village Flowers for donating to Wac Arts 35th Birthday Party.

Also we would like to say a special thank you to the students and staff who went that extra mile to ensure the event was a success. As well as all core staff we would like to thank… Irini Argiti, Sophia Thomas, Namali Kwaten, Omari Gachegua, Kandace Caine, Catherine Condron, Karelle Evans, Shola Ade- Browne, Harriet Cox, Phyllis Shoults, Caroline Archer, Sarah Jane Hurst, Rachel Bennett, Azania Hammond Dallas, Jordan Nicholls, Kamani Williams, Greta Gould, Cathryn Robson and Manolo Remiddi.

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