Uchenna Dance

Asha-jumpCollaboration with Uchenna Dance was yet another step by Wac Arts taken towards its effort to train young minds in various genres. Uchenna Dance, renowned for teaching a range of dance forms since more than five years, was formed in January 2009 under the creative vision and direction of Vicki Igbokwe. It offers training in various dance forms, like Jazz, Afro-House, Uchenna, Contemporary, African, Vocab dance, and UK Underground Fusion.

Uchenna Dance set its base at Wac Arts premises last year, with an aim to offer high quality and dynamic experiences in dance for all. On Monday August 11th, Uchenna Dance hosted its first set of classes at Wac Arts premises. A number of young people have since shown a great interest in joining the dance groups, and learn new art forms. The dance studios are so full of enthusiasm and dedication to dance, and the students just can’t wait to get in there and learn from the amazing staff. Always so positive, helpful and caring!

Uchenna Dance has had an exciting term at Wac Arts (as part of the Wac Arts AIR programme) with their classes in African influenced Hip Hop dance styles. A new routine is learnt every week so it’s easy for anyone to come along and join in. Uchenna also has a variety of guest teachers in throughout the term to keep every class fresh and a new challenge! The guest teachers this term have been:

– Sheila Attah – Dancer and Teacher specialising in Afro-House
– Clara Bajado – Dancer, Teacher and Lecturer specialising in House
– Sean Graham – Dancer, Teacher, Choreographer specialising in UK Underground Jazz

Uchenna has been successful with their Grants for the Arts application and will be touring Our Mighty Groove in 2015! In 2015, Uchenna aspires to train people astounding dance skills along with confidence, presentation skills, and rich opportunities to be creative and to experience inspiration and enjoyment. The first Tuesday session will be back on 13th January at 6pm, and Uchenna is piloting Sunday sessions for a term from the 18th January (more information available on this in the New Year). Only £4 a class!

We congratulate Uchenna team for its success, and wish all the luck for their vision to become a leading, diverse, forward thinking creative force within the dance world!