Thornton’s Budgens ‘Love Local’ charity match with Wac Arts!


Wac Arts is very proud to be chosen the new ‘Love Local’ charity for Thornton’s Budgens in Belsize Park! For the next six weeks Belsize Park Budgens will be raising money for our Wac Wonder Web programme through their ‘Love Local’ charity scheme.

All money raised by this public-spirited fundraising drive will go directly to the Wac Wonder Web programme at Wac Arts. This is a landmark programme for students aged 12-30 with learning disabilities, including Autism and Asperger Syndrome, and who have created and now run their own website at The website provides a place where students are able to make and stream their own radio shows, short films, animations and television channel. It is also used for social networking and blogging, which gives students a welcoming space to share work, ideas and stories.

With ever increasing popularity, the Wac Wonder Web group achieved 450,000 hits this year and one of their films went viral on YouTube in 2012, reaching over 6 million views to date.  The program is both a positive creative outlet and support for all young people taking part. The fundraising support from Budgens, including a £250 donation from the Haverstock Hill store, will make it possible to adapt specialist equipment to enable more accessible production of their radio show.

Youth Officer, Melanie Ancliff outlined the impact of the Thornton’s Budgens fundraising for Wac Wonder Web:

“We are really delighted that Wac Arts has been selected as the ‘Love Local’ charity … it will benefit all the young people with disabilities involved in our Wonder Wac programme. The money raised will allow us to provide the most current inclusive and adaptive technology to enable young people with both physical and sensory disabilities to be included in the programme.”


This coming Thursday 27th June, students from Wac Arts will be at the Thornton’s Budgens store, 199-205 Haverstock Hill, between 1-2pm, answering questions and talking about all the great projects at Wac Arts. Please come along and join us for snacks and drinks!

Thank You Thornton’s Budgens… everyone at Wac Arts is thrilled!