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This month our Facebook Star is Bolaji Alakija!


Bolaji is a Senior Wac Arts student who comes along every Sunday to our classes. His training and hard work has paid off as Bolaji has just been performing at the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre, in the Pantomime of Jack and the Beanstalk. Congratulations Bolaji!

This is what Bolaji had to say about getting the role and Wac Arts…

bolaji-alakija“At the Lyric Hammersmith Theatre I was part of an ensemble group of 8 which our role was to support the Principal (Main Characters) in a lovely piece of Pantomime of Jack and the Beanstalk. We supported the show with our vocal, dances in each of the numbers and our Hammersmith characters.

I had to audition with others for the part and provide a song to perform to everyone auditioning as well as the panel. There was also a second audition for those who had been recalled and I had to prepare another song telling a story. In both the auditions we danced and had to sweat our butts off …literally!!! The process was very challenging! To just turn up and having to leave what others may think of you at the door was hard but you just had to be confident and do it and work hard. I had to sing out to everyone even though I think I can’t sing but I wanted the gig so much plus it was pretty cool and fun putting all my energy in my dance moves. I knew my dancing was stronger than my singing so I gave that my all every last bit which I think paid of in me getting the part in the end.

I learnt not shy away from my weaknesses as those can be worked on and to always ask if you do not know until you understand. Also I learnt the importance in working in a creative team and being professional always about the work.

Wac Arts helps me a lot because the teachers see potential and want to see the best in me and see me having confidence, I will now always bring that with me every where I go.

I plan on carrying on training and being proactive in looking for new opportunities. I will get out there so that I am known for my talent and work, and I can’t wait to collaborate with like minded people.

My advice to those thinking about taking classes at Wac Arts is go for it! It is a place to hone your craft and meet people with the same passion in making that step to your chosen path”

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