Student Ambassador reports on the Wonder Wac Arts WinWin Residential

11154585_886866888025571_4500820252621857216_oThe over 18s Wonder Wac Arts WinWin group went on residential last weekend 8th-10th May to Juniper Hall in Surrey as part of a Field Studies Council Trip.

Student Ambassador Christopher Cooper, who is on work experience with us this week, has written this report:

The 3 days at Juniper Hall were made up of fun, excitement, friendship and much, much more. Whenever the journey to Juniper Hall involves a bus ride or a train ride this wonderful, adventurous team at Win Win is willing to cross the boundaries and get out of their comfort zone and head out on to a journey of a lifetime.

The experience involved team building with activities like survival challenge, which involves 2 teams building a shelter that can survive a dreaded rainstorm using materials like tarpaulin, rope, string and logs. Another challenge was orienteering, when 2 teams have to trek around the country grounds of Juniper Hall to find the letters that they have to print, as it is a race against the clock who will have most letters who will be the victor.

11262375_886866868025573_8364154768813087542_oAs well as those activities we looked at Juniper Hall’s wildlife and we were introduced to 2 goats which we were allowed to pet and feed. Also another activity we became involved in was the amazing world of pond dipping, in which we had to use tools like a net catcher, a plastic tray and some water for the little insects to survive in. When we were picking up our insects we were provided with a magnifying glass but then later in the session we decided that we should get in for a much closer look. So our Juniper Hall tutor, the person who helped our amazing 3 days of excitement, introduced us to the facilities at Juniper Hall, one of which was a classroom where we had the honour of using specialised microscopes to look up close at the little critters. As we looked through our microscopes we learnt the inspiring microscopic features of the world of the insects. The features we saw were unbelievable as we saw faces and other features like hearts beating.

What we also have been astounded by was the interior and exterior of Juniper Hall. It’s a manor house and we took a tour of the wonderful rooms such as the library, the common room, and many other rooms it made us think where we stand is where history stood as we have seen posh rooms and old documents and items. But fun was always major part of our trip as we found a hockey table and a TV also. Our meals at Juniper Hall were very much adequate and so were the drinks, lovely waffles with jam for breakfast one day with apple and orange juice, and tasty hot meals for dinner.

We made a trek to the town of Dorking to experience the local street life, even though it did seem like London, with the local Sainsbury’s, like other stores in London, but what made the experience special was the country scenery i.e. the trees, how the town was made up differently to London. We visited their sports centre facility with a swimming pool which was made up of excitement, calm, fun and friendship as we swam and splashed.

11270551_886866871358906_3363963775166342296_oOn Saturday night we had a nice campfire and some tasty marshmallows with singing, drumming and to end it off a peaceful nights sleep in our comfortable accommodation.

To round off the whole experience, on Sunday we got to visit Box Hill in all its glorious countryside scenery and we had a picnic there.

My adventurous time on the Over 18s Win Win trip to Juniper Hall, as someone who has autism, the experience has shown me how fun and friendship has been ignited , as I have seen being demonstrated. From the group that I normally go with to the usual sessions on Wednesday evenings for two hours,this experience was different to me as it allowed for friendships to really develop.