Stephen is running a Marathon for Wac Arts

“Wac Arts mission, which is to inspire young people through the creative arts, strikes a chord with both my professional and personal interests. I am very proud to be involved!”
Stephen Davy,
Director of Stephen Davy Peter Smith Architects, running the London Marathon for Wac Arts in 2016.

Stephen is our new year inspiration! He is pushing himself to do something extraordinary for himself and for Wac Arts.

We will be following Stephen’s progress through training and when he runs the Half Marathon in March!

Stephen’s first update

Training Week One:

My first week of training has been delayed due to a virus, but I’ve now started training in earnest. I’m aiming to cover 35 miles each week by attending gym sessions and running shorter distances Monday-Friday, with a long run at weekends to build up distance.

This week I ran 23 miles; a half hour hill session on Friday, a one hour hill session on Saturday and a long 10 mile run on Sunday. As part of my training, I’m also preparing for running a half marathon in mid-March.

Stephen Davy

To donate

If you’d like to sponsor Stephen and support Wac Arts please donate at:

Could you be inspired to do something extraordinary for Wac Arts in 2016?

Our supporters raised an amazing £10,000 through sponsored events in 2015.

£10,000 pays for a scholarship on our Diploma in Professional Musical Theatre for a young person who needs it most.

If you have an idea for a sponsored event that could raise money for Wac Arts’ impactful programmes – whether it’s a bike ride, a mountain climb, a bake sale or a sky dive, please contact me and we can start planning your extraordinary new year together!