Senior Wac Arts Presentation Night


Last Sunday saw the ambitious and triumphant presentation evening of our Senior Wac students. Instead of a more traditional evening of monologues and dance numbers, the students took over the whole building in an interactive experience that saw the audience members navigating through the building to make their way to the next event. The evening began with the Physical Theatre students taking “selfies” in the Atrium that eventually incorporated members of the audience, and ended with an energised and electrifying performance from the reggae contemporary dance students. In between there were human art exhibitions, aerial showcases and immersive video footage of dance, drama and vampires! It was a challenging programme but the students pulled it off with great enthusiasm and professionalism and the atmosphere was positively buzzing.

IMG_5393The end of the evening saw the presentation of achievement certificates to those who had attended the majority of their classes throughout the year, along with a couple of special awards, all met with enthusiastic cheers and applause. The first of these special awards was the Jack Petchey Award which went to Emmanuel Osei-Yeboah, one of our most dedicated Wonder Wac volunteers. Emmanuel now has £200 which he will use to benefit young people in whatever manner he sees fit. Lastly was the Mildred Ackerman Award. This went to Namali Kwaten who was the instigator and champion of the Kickstarter Longevity Campaign that raised the £15,000 necessary for Wac Arts’ weekend programmes this year to continue this year.

Huge congratulations and thanks to Emmanuel and Namali for their extraordinary dedication to Wac Arts but also to all our Senior Wac Students for everything they put into creating this stunning evening!