Royal Walk for Weekend Wac Arts

7efa0340-871a-4139-93dd-0cda699906f7A group of parents and staff including Wac Arts CEO, Celia Greenwood will be walking from Windsor Castle to Buckingham Palace on the 7th May to raise money for Wac Arts. Wac Arts believe that every young person should have access to performing arts and media training, which is why Wac Arts weekend classes are offered for as little as £1.50!

Students come to Wac Arts from a wide range of backgrounds. This is why we do not means-test our weekend applicants; we believe the arts should be equal and open to all.

The Weekend Wac Arts Walkers need your support to raise as much money as possible to ensure that the Weekend classes stay low cost and run for as long as possible!

‘I can’t express enough that if it wasn’t for Wac Arts I wouldn’t be where I am today. I owe it my whole career.’
Danny Dyer-Actor and Alumnus

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