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May’s Facebook star of the month is Diploma student Patience James!

Patience James

Patience has already secured representation by Lee Morgan Management and is Co founder of GOP (Girls on Point) with Diploma Alumna, Fumy Opeyemi. GOP’s upcoming performances include 13th April Jazz Café, 27th April Proud Cabaret – Bank.
GOP have been invited to take part in the TV show Got To Dance and have been invited for an interview this month by The Amy Show. The Amy Show is an entertainment show that showcases interviews with Musicians, Actors, Fashion Designers, Comedians and more- Patience is also the face of a new fitness programme called Zonto Fitness (Zumba type) scheduled for release at the end of the year!

Not only is Patience showing her drive and determination even whilst she is still studying but she also takes the time to teach and choreograph routines and shows for her and her fellow students! Patience choreographed a piece which was performed at the Diploma Dance Showcase (which was fantastic!) and is always willing to assist, create and dance whenever she is asked. Thank you Patience!

Wac Arts Marketing Manager Kaj Lal had a chat with Patience asking her some questions about Wac Arts and her hopes for the future!

Kaj: Hi, Patience!
Patience: Hi!
Kaj: How are you today?
Patience: I’m fine!
Kaj: Good, good! So I got a few questions for you today about you and your involvement at Wac Arts

Kaj: Let’s start with, how did you get here, how were you introduced?
Patience: Was 19 yo originally I used to dance here with a company that used to hire the rooms, and then I used teach Street [Dance] course at Wac Arts. Then I came across the brochure and was I like ohh they do diploma course in Musical theatre, straight away I wanted to do it; but did think I was too old, but I’m doing it now and I’m still doing it. That’s how I got involved at Wac Arts and then the Diploma course.
Kaj: So you were already really motivated in dance?
Patience: Definitely
Kaj: Have you really got out of it what you set out to get out of it?
Patience: Yeah, I mean maybe I got more, singing here for example, made me more rounded I continued my dance, but learnt so much about singing I didn’t realise there were so many layers to it… ha there’s good ones there’s bad ones…ha there was me thinking I was good! But the technicalities of it hit home … let’s say I’ve learnt a lot! Its opened my eyes, yep.
Kaj: You kind of feel like you experienced something unique here?
Patience: Definitely
Kaj: Beyond the teaching, the practical and the technical have you gained anything else from Wac Arts?
Patience: Yeah like performance platforms, for example last year we were at Edinburgh Festival… I didn’t even know that was the scale of it, that was opportunity was revealing
Kaj: So did it broaden your scope?
Patience: Yeah of course, done more acting, I’m mean Hip Hop I’ve been exposed to already for a while
Kaj: Can you sum up three main benefits that you had from coming here?
Patience: The Advice… I get is important, like Patience if you want to do this for a long time you need to slow down, I hear the words bleeping! Martha’s …kind words!
Kaj: Yeah Martha did mention you had a lot going on!
Patience: Martha said I’ve been naughty with my mornings!
Kaj: Haha, so the mentoring is important to you?
Patience: Yeah. The second would be, I kind of touched on it earlier but the diploma course made me more open minded and curious; I guess the last important thing is that I’ve been able to maintain teaching whilst study here.
Kaj: I’d like to know a bit more about what you’re doing, what kind of things you’re working on? Do you see yourself in the industry?
Patience: I’m still teaching, and then there this one that’s a secret! You’ll hear about it soon my main project is GOP dancers, were still getting bookings and we just performed at the Jazz Café
Kaj: Okay, this is important… if Wac Arts wasn’t here; you can close your eyes for this one, what you would be doing!?
Patience: Haha still at my reception desk, it was easy but I just couldn’t keep still, I’d be dancing while in the office! Something that would take me one hour would take me three because I was watching dance on youtube!
Kaj: Haha. Last question before I let you go, have you achieved what you set out to achieve?
Patience: Not yet, the rest is to come!