Martha’s Helvellyn hike…

Becoming a Silver Wac Arts Backer in the process, a very motivated Martha achieved her fundraising challenge this weekend! Making it to the top of the Lake District’s Helvellyn mountain with a group of her brother and friends, they took the steepest route and made it to the top in just four and a half hours.

At 950m above sea level, the views from the top of Britain’s third highest mountain were amazing. Biting winds on the famous Helvellyn Ridge made for a pretty scary vantage point at that altitude but, after the exhausting climb, they all agreed it was very much worth the effort!

Setting off from their Grassmere ‘base camp’ at around 11am on an overcast day, they were glad of the cool temperatures as they soon heated up when starting their climb. Stopping only for quick rest and refuelling breaks, the chosen path proved a major endurance test but a most satisfying and enjoyable one nevertheless – especially for Martha knowing that the challenge was raising funds for Wac Arts all the way!

Meeting only sheep on the way down, Martha and her brother split from the main group to take a sharp but speedy, two-hour descent on the way down. The other party members took over four hours to reach the bottom, but they had the advantage of finishing at the car park whereas, unfortunately, Martha’s route finished five miles away!

Saved by a very kind woman and her son, they were taken to collect their car – not least to save them from being bitten to shreds by a million midges, intent on attacking them once evening fell! This amazing day finally finished at 8 o’clock that evening when the rest of the group also arrived back at base camp. An unbelievable sense of achievement was felt by all – a most enjoyable day with miraculously no blisters but plenty of muscle fatigue for the final drive home!

So far Martha’s Helvellyn climb has raised a fantastic £628.83 for Wac Arts … if you would like to support her in this amazing challenge, donations can still be made by visiting Martha’s JustGiving page at

Congratulations Martha and thank you so much from all at Wac Arts.