Introducing Runner Number 4: Cormac Whitney-Low

It’s time to meet our next London Landmark’s Half Marathon runner! This week, we’re introducing you to Cormac Whitney-Low, a supporter of Wac Arts. He often volunteers at our fundraising events, and we’re so glad he agreed to raise some money for us by running!

How did you get involved with Wac Arts?
My mum works at Wac Arts, and she got me and my brothers to come along to Revolution one time. So it all started there.

What do you like about Wac Arts and our mission for Young People?
It’s just a great organisation, helping young people access arts and media. It’s just all positive.

Have you been to any Wac Arts events or seen a class, what did you enjoy the most?
Revolution was really great – many many talents.

What’s your favourite running tune?
Difficult question, something that I can really listen to to distract the mind a bit, like an audio book but music.

Have you run before? Any half marathons or long distances?
I used to run a lot of cross-country when I was younger but nothing close to a half marathon.

What is your training schedule?
Run as much as possible, be active and healthy, don’t smoke.

The event is described as “not your average half marathon! From cultural landmarks and heritage to the city’s quirky and hidden secrets, runners will get to explore the capital on a route like no other!” What excites you about taking part in the London Landmarks half Marathon?
Well definitely a bit of that and also running is fun and I’ve never done anything like it before.

What will be the first thing you will want to do when you finish the race!?
No idea, probably sit down.

How much are you hoping to raise?
As much as I can!

What time are you hoping to complete the race in?
Fast as possible really, I don’t know what is a reasonable time but like under two hours maybe? That could be good.