Help Save the Weekend Wac Arts Programmes!

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For the past 35 years, Wac Arts has strived to provide an inclusive and stimulating atmosphere for students many who are facing exceptional challenges and hardship. Wac Arts aim is to discover their talents and fulfil their potential through arts and media programmes.Two of its core programs, Junior and Senior Wac, are at risk of being shut down for the upcoming term due to lack of funding. This would mean that at least 600 young people would not have access to the alternative education that Wac Arts provides. This includes workshops and classes that provide training in live and recorded music, theatre, dance, and business learning.

In order to ensure that students can continue to attend Junior and Senior Wac, parents and students of the weekend programmes have created the Wac Arts Longevity Project through, which is a funding program for creative projects. The Longevity Project will last for a term and bring high quality, semi professional workshops and performances that encompass dance, drama live music recording/video production and creative business learning. The project will culminate in a weekend of performance showcases and live/studio released EP’s that will be attended by industry professionals as well as the community.

It will assist in giving attendees the tools to go forward and also provide future creative support to emerging artists. The Longevity Project will help some of the disadvantaged compete on an equal terms in the creative arts and business work arena. If we can get next term funded we will hopefully have time to secure future funding for the rest of the year

These programs are not just a way for young people to socialise and have fun (although they do involve both of these), but allow students to feel a sense of belonging and accomplishment within a productive environment.


Learn more about the Wac Arts Longevity Project by going to its Kickstarter page and help Wac Arts keep its programs running!!

Also please feel free to come and support our silent march starting from Wac Arts this Sunday at 12.30pm.

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