Getting Equipped for Sport!


Wac Arts has just received notification of a new funding award from Sport England. We are soon to receive £9, 999 for a range of new equipment to provide more accessible sporting facilities for young people with disabilities.

Specialist trampoline equipment will enable more young people to take advantage of our high ceilings and trampoline coaching expertise! Our bright and light studios are perfect for trampoline sessions. Budding trampoliners can practice a full range of manoeuvers knowing they can bounce as high as they like! Surrounded by crash mats and a safety wall of friends and support workers, we provide a safe environment where young people feel liberated and free … and have great fun at the same time!

For those who prefer to stay firmly on the ground we will also be investing in Boccia equipment. Similar to lawn bowling, this Italian game is played with wooden balls on a long narrow court covered in fine gravel. We hope everyone will have an opportunity to take advantage of this new facility as we install the equipment in our atrium for all-weather, year round indoor use. Being portable, we will also transport Boccia to our residential accommodation to play outside in the summer!

Our final major purchase will be a pilates reformer. For young people who have difficulty using mats for floor based pilates, a reformer frame can offer new opportunities. The bed-like frame allows a flat platform to roll back and forth with pulleys and springs creating the resistance needed to develop core strength, flexibility and better muscle tone. Reformers are extremely versatile as exercises can be done lying down, sitting, standing and in all kinds of variations.

We feel these elements make up a varied and flexible package of sports facilities to open up disability sport for young people at Wac Arts.

Sport England’s ‘Get Equipped’ Fund

Lisa O’Keefe, Sport England’s Director of Insight says: ‘We know that many organisations and clubs delivering sport struggle to provide sporting opportunities for disabled people because of lack of access to specialist equipment. We are delighted to award these vital funds to Wac Arts which will play a transformative role in opening up sport to many people who previously found it inaccessible.’

The award is part of Sport England’s ‘Get Equipped’ fund, which was designed to build on the success of the London 2012 Paralympic Games. National Lottery funding is being distributed to organisations across England to provide specialist equipment to make sport more accessible for disabled people inspired by the Games.

December’s Active People survey from Sport England – an annual, in-depth measure of the nation’s sporting habits – revealed that a record number of disabled people in England now play sport each week. Although the numbers of disabled people playing sport has increased since the Games, non-disabled people are still twice as likely to play sport as disabled people. For this reason, Sport England continues to focus attention on addressing this imbalance.

Wac Arts is delighted to be receiving this funding from Sport England. It will enable us to provide more varied and exciting sporting opportunities and facilities for our young people. We have run trampoline sessions for many years and to be able to develop and extend our sporting provision for young people with disabilities is a fantastic step forward for the organisation.