Extraordinary people doing extraordinary things!


We have many extraordinary people doing many extraordinary things, all in the name of Wac Arts!

On 9 March 2014, Martin Webb’s momentous plunge from 10,000 feet will finally happen! If you remember, Martin’s daughter Niamh called his ongoing bluff and arranged a parachute jump for her father. Facing his fears, Martin used his skydive as an opportunity to fully support Wac Arts. Although poor weather has postponed Martin’s jump three times since his initial date back in October, he is eager to carry on and jump for Wac Arts!


Speaking of distance, Indra Ove will run 26.2 miles (138,336 feet!!!) at the upcoming Brighton Marathon this April. That’s like Martin jumping out of a plane nearly 14 times, almost. So far, she has raised £635 for Wac Arts and she recently ran a whopping 20 miles! Best of luck to Indra!



Lastly, for any online shoppers, Laila Brown our Building Manager at Wac Arts has recently signed us up for easyfundraising.org. You can visit your favourite retailers through easyfundraising.org and the retailer will donate an amount to the charity of your choice (Wac Arts). It’s easy and absolutely free so please consider using this when you shop online!


There are a lot of people doing exciting, challenging and wonderful things in support of their favourite organisations. Wac Arts is lucky to have people like Martin and Indra who are willing to go to the distance for us.

If you’re interested in supporting their cause, whilst supporting us, you can easily donate on their pages at justgiving.com or if you would like to do something extraordinary for Wac Arts please email Saige.Jennings@WacArts.co.uk.