Our disabilities groups ended another fantastic year with the dynamic and exciting event ‘DramJam’! It was a brilliant evening of entertainment, kicked off with performances from the over 18s group, who have spent the past few months devising their own plays and scenes around the theme of Healthy Living. The project has enabled the group to create and direct their own pieces, and the finished scenes were met with delight from the audience.

After the joy of the over 18’s, the Wac Arts Interactive crew closed the show. Taking to the stage, the crew unveiled the product of a 6 week live band project! Divided into 3 new Music Bands, they each had created their very own bespoke anthem, getting the audience to join in on their catchy hooks and funky riffs. From the conventional hip hop to the formation of a new genre of music, Cat Punk, the Interactive crew had everybody on their feet and getting their boogie on.
All our young people excelled themselves with the time and effort they put into these projects – they even made a Mannequin Challenge video to promote the event!


The sharing was a great way to end the year – parents, carers, family and friends all had a fantastic time. It also marks the end of our Happy Healthy Independent Living project funding for our over 18s group – thanks again to everybody who voted for us to win! This additional funding has allowed our group to enjoy a host of extra activities and support throughout the year, which we would love to continue to provide. If you’d like to help us continue our work you can join our Supporting Cast [LINK]. Membership starts from just £5 a month (that’s less than two coffees!) and all funds raised will go back into our programmes.