Dalston Revolutionary!

Che Walker is both a valued Wac Arts alumni and a wonderful Wac Arts Backer! Organising the extremely popular series of Dalston Revolution benefit gigs at the Dalston Victoria pub, Che has raised literally £1,000s for our work.

Having attended Wac Arts as a student, Che has now been teaching with us for 22 years whilst also building a successful career as a professional actor, writer and producer. He therefore knows a great deal about the unique qualities that make us special and how Wac Arts stands out from the crowd in terms of its creative work with young people.

He talks of the ‘volcano of talent and inspiration’ that surrounded him when he first joined Wac Arts; a strong personal legacy that informs his professional assessment of his own work to this day. Does it have the crucial vibe of something truly new, does it represent a sense of discovery and innovation?

The particular atmosphere that Wac Arts creates around its work is to do with the passion of its teachers and the fact that most also work as professionals in their field. Che himself epitomizes this in his enthusiasm for the nature of our work; the fact that we work consistently with young people who have been disadvantaged in some way and who face significant challenge in their everyday lives.

For Che, the most important part of what we do is to offer an alternative perspective to young people who may have absorbed consistently negative ideas and attitudes about themselves. The longevity of Wac Arts and very special family connections that have grown alongside the organisation, enable young people to learn to counter a sense of low self worth over time. They discover their inner imagination and find their own personal voice, which in turn allows them to connect with their community rather than turn against it.

Wac Arts is instrumental to the successful re-evaluation that many of our students experience as they develop their potential in life. We offer a genuine lifeline and support system to those who may have experienced neither before. To those who have not had access to the power of creativity, we offer a holistic approach backed up by fantastic facilities and a ‘best in class’ environment that motivate young people to really believe they can engage and achieve.

As one of our alumni, Che is a truly inspirational individual who talks candidly here about his views on cuts to arts funding and the importance of the work we do in maintaining the mental health of whole communities and society as a whole. Thank you