Camille did it… Watch the video!

camille skydive

Not only did Camille throw herself out of a plane at 10, 000 feet but she has also raised £1000 by doing it. Camille has faced her fears for Wac Arts and has fundraised in the most exciting and scary way!

The £1000 Camille has raised will go towards keeping Wac Arts programmes running which are crucial to the development and empowerment of the local young people.

When asked about the skydive that took place on July 13th she said “The Skydive has taken place and it was the most scariest thing that I have ever done in my life yet the most exhilarating! No, I wouldn’t do it again, as you are dropping at 120 miles ph during the free fall, it was too surreal to then be hovering over land @ 3000 feet and not be attached to anything – the best thing was gliding in @ 1000 feet to land and to the bosom of my family. I was truly blessed to have beautiful blue skies and to have been attached to professional (called Craig) encouraging me.

So 10,000 feet later, £1,000+ raised and a challenge conquered – I’m really proud of myself.

camille skydiveThank you all for supporting & sponsoring me – This was a great experience whilst raising money for a fantastic Charity, Wac Arts.

Obviously anyone that still wants to donate, you’re more than welcome to & every penny will be much appreciated making my total look even more fabulous.”

All of us are proud of Camille and want to thank her for her huge effort in fundraising for Wac Arts. If you want to face your fear or do something extraordinary to raise money for Wac Arts please get in touch we would love to hear from you!