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Calling our Alumni

Calling all alumni
Calling Our Alumni

This year Wac Arts is turning 40!

We have just kicked off our year of events to commemorate the occasion with a fantastic Open Day, and now we want to get you, our lovely alumni, involved too. To help celebrate our 40th Birthday we are asking our friends to send in a selfie video which has a birthday message for Wac Arts.

These videos may be shared on our digital platforms throughout the celebration year and potentially at our annual fundraiser on the 2nd December.

To create a video…

  • Please say who you are, when you came to Wac Arts, what programme you attended and then we would love you to include what Wac Arts means to you
  • Try to film in a quiet place so we can clearly hear you
  • It does not have to be professional quality, as long as we can see and hear you then it will be great
  • No swearing!

We caught up with one of our amazing alumni, Patience James, during her Afro-Fusion rehearsal to create a little video to inspire you.

Please send your video to – If you would like to be tagged in any social media posts using the videos, be sure to include your handles!

Our 40th birthday celebrations run for the next year, and there will be plenty of other opportunities for you to join us for example, Networking Breakfasts, our annual Arts Festival and workshops.

To make sure you don’t miss the latest news about these events, click here to update your marketing preferences.

We want to reach as many alumni as possible, so please pass let your fellow alum know that we are looking to get back in contact.