Buddying and Transitions Service

Our Buddying and Transitions service pairs up a young person with disabilities with a buddy to do shared activities. Watch a video with Felix and Hector…


The advocacy service provides 1:1 sessions that use creative strategies to meet the needs of the young people it represents; it encourages them to express their views and opinions. The advocacy service aims to keep the young people it represents safe, healthy, listened to and respected.


This service links a ‘buddy’ with a disabled young person to engage in shared hobbies and activities chosen by the young person, leading to a friendship being developed.

The buddy can support the young person to access a wider range of social settings and activities with an aim of encouraging the development of new skills, new relationships and widening the young person’s social circle.


This service links a ‘buddy’ with a disabled young person and is specifically designed to assist those young people who are transitioning into adulthood. Sessions often have a specific focus such as travel training, developing independent living skills or widening the young person’s social network.