Another great Oasis residential at Stubbers


Oasis is our programme of residential trips for young people with learning disabilities aged 11-17. On the 14th-16th March our young people went to Stubbers Adventure Centre.

This trip supported 3 new students to enjoy a weekend in the country along with a further 5 young people accessing exciting outdoor activities. Many of our students will never before have been away from home without their family and we are very conscious of this. The staff team always try hard to give a real family atmosphere to ease any symptoms of this big step. We stayed in the Stubbers lodge which allows for the group to self cater and learn some new skills around independence. One of the favourite activities on offer is ‘snacktivity’ time! The group made their own pizza with their own choice of toppings. The young people are encouraged to clean up their rooms, make beds and clean up after meals, activities they all seem to enjoy!

This trip saw the young people join in with archery, climbing, argocats (off road driving) as well as performing arts sessions in the evenings or just chilling out in the lounge with a DVD. The young people and staff came back exhausted but very happy!