Ofsted scored us Good!


Last month we had an Ofsted inspection for our Diploma in Professional Music Theatre and we scored Good!

The inspectors reported about the ‘rich experience of exploring other cultures and ethnicities, and non-Western forms’ that we offer our students, stating that we provide our students with ‘skills beyond those available in many dance-training institutions’. They reported back about student experience, our students ‘feel valued and cared for and feel that they are learning and training within a caring, supportive and safe environment’.

At Wac Arts, the teaching staff and coordinators work hard to ensure that every lesson is impactful and the student’s professional development is key. This was reflected in our Ofsted report which states, ‘leaders, staff and trustees [at Wac Arts] maintain an unrelenting focus on the college’s core mission to widen participation and broaden entry to careers in performing arts for traditionally under-represented groups’ Ofsted report 2016.

We were proud to also receive feedback about the legacy of the Diploma Programme. With confirmation of the impact that studying at Wac Arts has upon our students careers:

‘Learners’ destinations are excellent, with all graduates gaining employment in the industry during the past three years’
Ofsted 2016.

“All completing learners since 2012 have obtained professional work in the industry within six months of graduation, and a high and increasing proportion of learners each year gain agency representation either during the course or within three months of graduation.

“Around a fifth of learners from recent cohorts have gone on to achieve a top-up BA honours qualification at a partner university.”

Download the full report here.